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Would you like to help spread the word about This page contains resources to help you do just that...

FREE - Download Your Own
Webmasters, if you don't have a Gospel presentation on your website, we encourage you to use this one. We've prepared a zipped package that includes all the pages and graphics in this Gospel presentation for use on your own website. There's an easy way you can add your church's information to every page... and you don't even need to link back to us. This site is copyright-free... duplication is encouraged!


FREE - Printable Version of
Download this free printable tractThis free printable tract contains the same simple 8 question test used here on Print the tract, front and back, on a sheet of standard paper, then fold like a greeting card. Your friend can take the test by using a pencil or pen to punch out the answers. When the paper is fully opened, the answers to each question are revealed. (To use this resource, you will need an unzip utilityand a copy of Adobe Acrobat.)

Ten Commandments Coins
Click here to get the Ten Commandments Coins that direct people to NeedGod.comDid you find through one of our Ten Commandments Coins? These coins contain a short and simple Gospel message along with a reference to this website. Since they can't get torn or rumpled, they make wonderful witnessing aids that you can carry in your pocket all the time.

FREE - Link to Us
Webmasters, if you'd rather just link to this website for the Gospel message... it's very easy. We provide you the code you need below. Simply copy this code into your webpage where ever you would like our link to appear. You don't even have to save our graphics to your server. If you copy and paste the code you see below into your web page, the link will automatically pick up the graphic off of our server. (This means you can also use this code as your signature in a forum.)




FREE - Mortality Counter
Webmasters, if you want to help your web page viewers to take an honest look at their own mortality, you can easily add the free counter you see just below to your website. To add it, just copy the piece of JavaScript code you see below. Then paste it onto your webpage where you would like the counter to appear. That's all there is to it! You're finished! (TIP: You may like to put this piece of code inside a table so you can control it's width. It's width is set at 100%, so it will fill up whatever space you put it in.)



opening this
web page...
150,000 People
Will Die Today

The counter to the side is ticking off the number of people who have died since you opened this webpage. If today is your day to join them, will God consider you to be a "good" person? Good enough to get into Heaven? Try this quick, self-scoring test... it's free to take and you'll get these questions answered for good.

Online Resources
Living Waters - Equipping Page of Free Resources
On our main website you'll find a wealth of free material, articles, online audios, and downloadable tools to assist you in reaching the lost with the Gospel of Christ.
The Way of the Master
Get inspired by our television program featuring Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort. Watch them as they go out and put Biblical evangelism principles into practices before your very eyes. Get ready to be motivated!
The School of Biblical Evangelism
Join students from across the world as they learn the principles of Biblical Evangelism in our online school. (Scholarships are available for those in financial need.)
Spiritual Thirst
Share with your Christian friends how to quench their spiritual thirst... drink this and go to a deeper level with God than you ever imagined.
If you have questions about this website, you can email us at

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