Saturday, February 12, 2011

CHRISTIAN BRETHREN-2The Gospel, the Good News of God

The Gospel, the Good News of God

God's Plan of Salvation

The New Birth Explained
Heaven 4 Sure
The Gospel: The Power of God
God’s Plan of Salvation
The Gospel Web Page
Water of Life
Gospel Messages (Minor Hawk)
The Voice of the Gospel (Minor Hawwk)
Three Minute Audio Gospel Stories (Harold Smith)
Audio Gospel Messages (Harold Smith)
A Toronto Hockey Player's Conversion: The story of Reg Meserve
Good News Granary
Lost Sheep Finders

Who are the brethren?

In 1986, Echoes of Service published an eleven volume series entitled, “That the World May Know”. The Volumes are a record of the work and legacy of assembly missionaries around the world. At the beginning of each volume appeared an article entitled, “Who are the brethren?These articles were written by prominent men associated with the brethren movement. To view these articles, click here. Used with permission.

In addition to these articles, there is another article produced by John Barber. It is a very thorough and up-to-date introductory essay: Who are the Brethren?

Emmaus Bible Correspondence School

Emmaus Correspondence School

Emmaus Correspondence School

Emmaus Correspondence Online

Emmaus is a Bible Correspondence School, nondenominational in outreach and founded for the purpose of encouraging the systematic study of the Word of God. It operates in 90 countries on every continent using courses in 116 languages. Started in 1942, it has since become the largest Bible Correspondence School in the world

Join the over 20 million students who have used an Emmaus Course to help them study the Bible

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