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The Pilgrim’s Plough Series

Mark A Swaim

Pilgrim Plough


The Pilgrim’s Plough I

A Journey Through Scriptures


The Word of God is a field where hidden and wondrous treasures lie waiting for the eager soul to discover and enjoy. This volume is the fruit of one pilgrim’s plough. Though the years of our sojourning on earth are evil and few, yet in time’s brief window we can plough through Scripture and reap the benefits of communion with God.


The Pilgrim’s Plough II

A Study of Scriptural Subjects


Articles included in this volume are:

What we Believe
Characteristics of the Church
Christ-centered Churches
The Worship Meeting
Unity and Separation
The Greatness of God
Christ is Altogether Lovely
God’s School of Refining
Three Calls of God
The World, The Flesh, and The Devil
The Pilgrim’s Plough III

A Journey Through Doctrines

The Filling of the Holy Spirit, A Study in Ephesians 5:18 (pdf)

Biblical Separation


The Pilgrim’s Plough IV

Bread from Heaven: Gleanings From The Fields Of Scripture


Most of these 95 gleanings were written by Mark A. Swaim. Some were written by Tami and other members of the Swaim Family. Updated 02/05/08


The Pilgrim’s Plough V

The Home Life

  • Thoughts from the Family Altar (pdf)
  • The fields of labour (pdf)
  • A Woman’s Journal (pdf)
  • The Pilgrim’s Poems: Forty-nine family poems expressing the hope and joy found in Christ, the pre-eminent object of the believer’s home (pdf)
  • Online Audio Bible
  • Bible Verses


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