Saturday, February 12, 2011

CHRISTIAN BRETHREN-5 Various brethren Ministries Brethren Apologetic Sites

Various brethren Ministries

Uplook Ministries
New Testament Church (Jack Spender)
Bible and Life (David Dunlap) (Miles J. Stanford)
T.Ernest Wilson Ministry
Larry Price Ministry
Greenwood Hills Ministry
Webtruth (Michael Penfold)
Growing Christians Ministries (Dr. David Reid)
Bible Study Center (Floyd Pierce)
The Bible Answers (Harold Smith)
Email Bible Lessons (Harold Smith)
Cleanwaters Counseling Ministries
Christian Boarding School (GA)
Berean Bible Ministries
Word Alive Ministries
Grace &
Spread the Word (Steve Hulshizer)

Brethren Apologetic Sites

uthinklogo (Christianity, faith, reason, science, evolution, creation) (Science and Ethics)
Science Shots (Dr Humphreys)
Christian Evidences
Christian Evidences Ministries
Life and Land (Archaeology by Gordan Franz)

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