Saturday, January 22, 2011


A Sinner’s Prayer

Lost and adrift in a sea of despair,
I search all around me but no one is there.
No-one can hear my cry of pain,
Still I hide my tears under cover of rain.

So many times I’ve reached out for someone,
But no one is ever there.
I try to be strong but I can’t for long,
And now I don’t even care.

I’ve heard it said You are kind, Oh God,
Full of mercy and grace.
Have pity on me Oh God,
As I try to seek Your face.

Have mercy on me, Oh God,
And wipe away all my sin.
Hear my prayer and cleanse me Oh God,
Cleanse me deeply from within.

Breathe in me new life Oh God,
As I kneel before Your throne,

Have mercy on me Oh God,
And show me the way to come home.


~A MountainWings Original by Linda F Weeber, Canada

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