Monday, June 21, 2010



Yesterday, I took my three sons to a local nursing home and let
them pass out gifts to the fathers there and show them some
love, many of them had no visitors. It taught my children how to
help others.

Afterwards, I took the boys to eat and to the movies to see The
Karate Kid. On the way to the movie, I talked to them about
always working on improving themselves and how it is a lifelong
process that should never stop.

I explained that even mommy and daddy still have stuff to work
on everyday to make ourselves better. I gave each son one thing
they could do to work on improving within himself. It was
different for each son but each realized how their one thing
would help them to be a better person and agreed with me. They
also knew and felt daddy's advice was in love and had no spirit
of criticism in it.

On Father's Day, I decided to take my own advice and write out
goals for myself that I can look at every Father's Day to make
sure I am being the type of father that I desire to be. I advise
every father to write their own personal list based on what you
consider a good father is.

Here is my list that I posted above my desk to constantly remind

Fatherhood Goals

1. To lead all of my children to salvation and a relationship
with God.

2. To be an example of the type of man that I desire my sons to
become and my girls to date and marry.

3. To always provide for the basic needs of my family. (Food,
clothes, shelter)

4. To make sure all my kids have a good education from schooling
and develop wisdom that school doesn't teach.

5. To always provide my kids love and spend the time with them
where our relationship always stays close and they feel they can
talk to me about anything.

6. To help them discover their calling in life and develop a
proficiency in that area.

7. To leave a positive inheritance to my children consisting of
a good name, financial resources, written wisdom from my life
experiences, and spiritual blessings.

~A MountainWings Original by James Bronner~

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