Thursday, June 24, 2010

DON MOEN-- Dwelling Places

Don Moen - Dwelling Places

Jesus is the Christ,the son of the living GOD
Matthew 16:16 - "JESUS"
a true priest - who 4gives our sins
a true prophet- the only way to meet GOD
a true king - who has all power to crash down the works of SATAN...
how precious ur name is-that gives life to those who believe! PRAISE GOD!
GOS is LOVE. He is are dwelling place.we are his children who will always be loved by GOD the Father.Tank you Lord for the Love YOU showed to us.
When we open ourselves to God to receive His love, we can't help but love Him, His love is the most valuable treasure the human heart can seek. And its fulfilment is
Nothing can compare to worship in all of the earth. O Lord, make our lives reflect what we profess in worship. May we sing forever with the glorious choirs of angels

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