Monday, June 11, 2012

DIGITAL EVANGELISM ISSUES- News, ideas, strategies… from Internet Evangelism Day

Use images always, everywhere

We are wired for visual imagery. An image can express – in a fraction of a second – a mood, a truth, or just an enticement to keep reading a text article. Use them constantly!

Creative commons (i.e. broadly free to use) images can be found through an advanced image search at Google or Flickr. There are also many other sources of free photos, graphics and icons, including Bible images.

Geoff Bullas shares 6 Powerful Reasons Why you Should include Images in your Marketing, based on the infographic below. These lessons apply equally to Facebook posts, blogs and websites.

It’s All About the Images [infographic by MDG Advertising]

Infographic by MDG Advertising | View fullsize 1000px width

Also vital: lots of white-space, with enticing headings and subheadings.

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