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If you know of other helpful Christian links that might be added to our list, please contact us. Thank you.

South African FlagAfrikaans 

Egyptian FlagArabic

  • Arabic page (links to Arabic Bible web sites - text, audio, and video)

Basque FlagBasque

Bulgarian FlagBulgarian

Croatian FlagCroatian

Catalonian FlagCatalan

  • site: buenes noves: not active at present



Chinese flag

Czech FlagCzech

Danish FlagDanish

Dutch FlagDutch

British FlagEnglish

Ethiopian FlagEthiopia (Oromo)

Fijian FlagFijian

French FlagFrench


Livres, articles et autres ressources en ligne

Dépôts de livres et publications chrétiennes

Audio et musique

German FlagGerman

Greek FlagGreek

Israeli FlagHebrew (Israel)

Italian FlagItalian

JapaneseJapanese flag


Spoken in DR Congo


Kynia Rwanda

Main langauage spoken in Rwanda


Spoken in DR Congo

Madagacar FlagMalagasy (Madagascar)

Norwegian FlagNorwegian

Sudanese FlagNuer (Sudan)

Polish FlagPolish

Portueguese FlagPortuguese

Romanian FlagRomanian

Russian FlagRussian

Slovakian FlagSlovak

Somalian FlagSomali

Spanish FlagSpanish


Spoken in D R Congo, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, etc.

Spanish FlagSpanish

Swedish FlagSwedish

Filipino FlagTagalog (Filipino)


Spoken in DR Congo

Turkish FlagTurkish

Welsh FlagWelsh

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