Monday, January 2, 2012

UNITY-David Bowden

David Bowden -


  • LD-I cried. And I cry out... Oh God MOVE ME! Break me. Shatter me. I fall at your feet tears washing off the dust of the miles you walked for me to be more like you! And I am an utter failure Lord God! I scream and cry I need MORE of you GOD so much more!!! Oh God I love you. My very heart hurts knowing you want so much more and I have held back and now I come naked and ashamed once again and ask you to make me more like you and DO WHATEVER IT TAKES! My God here I am! I am nothing but I am willing!

  • L. D.Oh Virgina thank you so much for posting this. Before my son died I was praying and pleading with God to let me hang on the cross as He did. I wanted to go as deep as I could with Him. He said to me... You don't know what your asking. I said, I don't care I want ALL of you. I was sobbing. My son died a few months later and I went as deep I think as a human mind go go to the depths of darkness without going insane. But I was now learning the Joy of Suffering. Ohhh it was beyond hard and words cannot express it. But slowly through the years a little bit of fear crept in here or there and I found myself holding back from the Lord a little here a little there and being scared to ever go into that depth of suffering ever again. And watching this video was like God breaking away those strongholds once again and I can say after almost 12 years the above prayer is what I want with all that I am!

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