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TheLawman104 | November 22, 2008
Tony Miano (The Lawman Chronicles) describes the fast-growing false religion, Pasphilanthropianism--the worship of a false god that is "All-Loving" and "All-Forgiving."
  • O-A section on Pasphilanthropianism should be added to all world religion college syllabuses immediately. Great job sharing the truth.
  • T-Thanks Mr. Miano! Great video!
  • T-U are so right.
    I see this in many christens as they are not actually taking the bible into action but continuously sinning and making the holy ghost retreat inside them until He is unhearable. Thinking that they are good christan believers but realy apart of this religion Pasphilanthropianism!
    Good man and thank you for these chronicles.
    God Bles

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