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International Tracts
You may print and download all of the tracts below for free. If you are aware of someone who knows a language not listed below, who would volunteer to translate this one-page gospel message, please contact Page two of each tract below is the English version.

Afaan Oromo (Spoken in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia)
Afrikaans (Mainly spoken in South Africa and Namibia)
Amharic (Official language in Ethiopia)
Arabic (Official language in 25 countries, primarily in Middle East and North Africa)
Banjara (Spoken in India by the Banjara tribe)
Bengali (Bangladesh, India and significant communities in UK, USA, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Australia, Myanmar, Canada)
Bukusu (Spoken in western Kenya)
Burmese (Spoken in Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore)
Chinese (simplified) (Officially used in Mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia)
Chinese (traditional) (Used in Republic of China [Taiwan], Hong Kong and Macau)
Creole, Haitian (Official language of Haiti)
Creole, Portuguese (Guinea-Bissau West Africa and parts of Senegal)
Czech (The majority language in the Czech Republic)
Danish (Spoken in Denmark, Faroe Islands, Greenland and parts of Germany)
Dutch (Official language in Aruba, Belgium, Benelux, Netherlands, and Suriname)
Dutch-Glimlachen (page one is humorous one-liners, page two is the gospel)
Dzongkha (Official language of Bhutan)
Ekegusii (Also known as Gusii or Kisii. Spoken in the Kisii district of western Kenya)
English – Smiles (page one is humorous one-liners, page two is the gospel)
Ewe (Also known as Awona. Spoken in Togo and Ghana)
Farsi (Also known as Persian, official language in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan)
Finnish (Official language of Finland. Also spoken in Estonia, Norway and Sweden)
French (Official language of 29 countries including France, Canada and many in west Africa)
Ga (Spoken in Ghana, in and around the capital, Accra)
German (Official language in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland)
German - Lächen (page one is humorous one-liners, page two is the gospel)
Gurune (Northern Ghana)
Haitian Creole (Official language of Haiti)
Hausa (Official language in Northern Nigeria. Widely used in West Africa)
Hindi (One of the official languages of India. Spoken in northern and central India and Fiji)
Hungarian (Official language in Hungary)
Igbo (Spoken in Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon)
Indonesian (Official language in Indonesia)
Italian ; (Official language in Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia, San Marino and Malta)
Japanese (National language of Japan)
Javanese (Spoken in: The island of Java in Indonesia, Malaysia, Suriname and New Caledonia)
Kikamba (Spoken in Kenya)
Korean (Official language of North and South Korea)
Latvian (Official language in Latvia)
Luganda (Luganda, sometimes known as Ganda, is a major language of Uganda, spoken mainly in Southern Uganda)
Lusoga (Spoken in Uganda)
Malay (Official language of Malaysia and Brunei. Also spoken in Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Suriname)
Malayalam (Commonly used in South India, mostly in the state of Kerala)
Nepalese (Spoken in Nepal, Bhutan, India, Myanmar and Tibet)
Oromo (Spoken in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia)
Polish (Official language of Poland. Also spoken in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine)
Portuguese (Official language of Portugal, Angola, Brazil, and Mozambique)
Portuguese Creole (Guinea-Bissau West Africa and parts of Senegal)
Punjabi (in Shahmukhi script, Punjab region of Pakistan)
Romanian (Official language of Romania and Moldova)
Russian (Official language of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan)
Shona (Spoken in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia)
Slovak (Official language in Slovakia)
Spanish (Central and South America, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain)
Spanish-Sonrie (page one is humorous one-liners, page two is the gospel)
Swedish (Official language in Sweden and Finland)
Swahili (Spoken in much of East Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo)
Tagalog (National language of the Republic of the Philippines)
Telegu (The official language of Andhra Pradesh, one of the largest states of India)
Thai (National language of Thailand)
Tigrinya (Spoken in Eritrea and Ethiopia)
Twi, Akuapem (Spoken in Ghana West Africa)
Twi, Asante (Spoken in Ghana West Africa)
Ukrainian (Official language in Ukraine and Moldova)
Urdu (National language of Pakistan)
Vietnamese (Official language in Vietnam)
Yoruba (Official language of Nigeria. Also spoken in Benin and Togo)
Zulu & nbsp; (Spoken in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Swaziland)

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