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Question 1: When I am talking to someone who claims to be a Christian but I doubt
that they really are, how do I find out what they believe it takes to get into heaven
without offending them?
Answer 1: Use a third‐party approach by asking: “If a friend of yours sincerely asked
you what they had to do to be sure they would go to heaven, what would you tell
Question 2: When I am talking to someone who follows another faith, how can I
engage them in a spiritual conversation that might give me an opportunity to share
Christ with them?
Answer 2: You can earn the right to share by first listening. Ask something like this: “If I were to become a (Jehovah’s Witness, Mormon, Buddhist etc) what would I have to do to be sure I go to heaven when I die?
Listen to their answer and you will learn a lot. Then ask: “May I share with you what the Bible says it takes to go to heaven?” Because you have listened to them, it’s only politefor them to listen to you.
Question 3: If a person believes in reincarnation, what verse can I use?
Answer 3: Man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment. Hebrews 9:27
Question 4: If someone asks a question that I feel is just a smoke screen, such as, “Can God make a rock that is bigger than he can lift”, what should I say?
Answer 4: “Let me ask you a question. Is that the issue that is keeping you from
becoming a Christian?”
They will most likely say “No”.
Then politely probe as to what the real reason is that is keeping them from turning to
Question 5: If someone says they are an atheist, what do I say?
Answer 5: “Would you tell me what you mean when you say you are an atheist?”
You want to understand if they are stating that there is no God (atheist) or they are
saying they don’t believe in God.” (If they don’t believe in God, they must be
acknowledging that there is a God not to believe in. Let the conversation begin).
Ray Comfort’s God Doesn’t Believe in Atheists is a good read on this topic.
A discussion I had with an atheist
A young lady once told me she was an atheist.
I said: “I don’t think you’re an atheist because the Bible says only the fool says in his
heart there is no God and I don’t think you are a fool.”
She said: “I guess I’m an agnostic, then.”
After moving her from atheist to agnostic she was open to listening to the gospel.

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