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GRN on Facebook

For some time now GRN has had a group on Facebook. There are now Facebook Pages that can be used by origanisations, so we are in the process of setting up a Facebook Page for Global Recordings Network. Keep an eye out for us and become a fan today!

You Can’t Pray That Way!

Prayer is special and it has to be done the right way doesn’t it. Or does it! You can’t talk to God in any old fashion can you?

In my reading the other day, I was struck by the prayer of Hannah (1Sam. 1:9-20). The scriptures say that she did something that I believed you were not supposed to do when you prayed. She pleaded with God. I had always been taught that you couldn’t plead with God because that would indicate a lack of faith. Since Hannah’s prayer was answered it seems to me that this bit of advice is quite wrong.

A Heart for Mission

I have a dear friend in America whom I met when he was working in Australia as a Missionary. Not only is he a talented musician, but also a deep thinker and a man of God. He regularly ponders on different aspects of life and asks a series of questions to his friends in an effort to come to a conclusion.

Vale Artist Graham Vale

Language is Funny

Some people are very proud of their language.

The first time I was in France, my friend and I rocked up to the train station only to discover that the trains were all on strike. This resulted in me having to make a phone call to make sure that the people who were expecting us knew what was going on.

SENEGAL - BINDIANA. Working in a War Zone

Farba Diouf writes:

MONATELE and NKOLASSAN - Distribution in Cameroon


Accompanied by two brothers, we visited the town of Monatele. It is situated just 100 km from Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon. Monatele, is situated on banks of a large river called the Sanga. This area is the food basket of Yaounde.


At Yaounde


The Swiss arm of Global Recordings Network in Chad has faced the usual problems that overseas contributors face in mission. They want to tell the story of Jesus in every language but they needed local knowledge and contacts to make the recordings and do the distribution. The Lord has wonderfully answered their

The Bible- A Real Action Story

I'm excited about my latest project for GRN. It involves re-writing some Bible stories for children in a way that is fresh and has not yet been done. As a writer of fiction, I find this project filled with promise and creativity.

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