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Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, says the LORD of hosts-Zechariah 4:6
Maranatha! Singers - By My Spirit

Uploaded on Aug 18, 2011

Probably the best song on this album, all that we do is through God and not by our own intelligence.
We may not see it but God works without us knowing it. Fact.
Series: Spiritual Warfare Series
Album: The Battle Belongs To The Lord/Spiritual Warfare Series Vol 1.
Song: By My Spirit
Words & Music by: Leslie Phillips
Vocal Solo by: Jamie Owens-Collins
Release year: 1990
Copyright: 1984 Word Music(A division of Word, inc)
Administered By: Word Music Group Inc
Album Distributed by: The Benson Company
Note: This album is out of print and uploading this song has no effect on the potential sales of this album as it can no longer be purchased in stores.
I do not own the rights to this song, all copyrights are owned by Leslie Phillips, Jamie Owens-Collins, Maranatha! Music & Word Music inc.

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