Wednesday, September 7, 2011


"He Loves Us" (Cardboard Testimonies) Cover - written by John Mark McMillan

Cardboard testimonies to the song "He Loves Us" by John Mark McMillan covered by our worship band. Live right thru the board with no processing. This was a live event - a time of prayer, worship and reflection at Valley Community Baptist Church in Avon, CT. The band is lead by Susan Hart on piano and this song was sung by Shawn Fitzgerald, one of the guitar players. This was a touching and moving testimony how God really does love, heal and provide for his people

Cardboard Testimonies - West Ridge Church
At birth, we begin wearing labels that identify us... And as we grow older, whether written by the cruelty of others, or our own poor choices, those labels can become more personal, hurtful, and even outright devastating. The promise Jesus Christ makes is that His mercy will restore our hurt and shame, and give us a new label...a label that identifies us as made complete, whole, forgiven, and restored through being adopted into His family.

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