Wednesday, August 18, 2010


"Modern Evangelism" by A.W. Tozer [Born Again??]
aflame4God | March 29, 2010

Many today profess Christ but do not possess Christ. They're religious but lost in sin. They're church members but not members of the body of Christ. Shallow, instant, Christianity lacks Biblical substance and does not transform lives by the Holy Spirit. Their lives are unchanged and they have no desire to follow Christ as their Master. You can raise a hand, walk an aisle, and mouth a prayer and still be lost in sin. You must embrace Christ by faith and surrender your life to Him. We attempt to present the "Good News" when sinners do not know the bad news - that is, that they are guilty, hell bound rebels sinning against a Holy God.

Friend, we are saved from the guilt of sin and the power of sin (
6:22, Matt. 1:21). We see little conviction of sin these days. Sin is called everything but sin - it is called a mistake, failure, addiction.We have created formulas,easy steps and all kinds of methods on how to be saved but we fail to present the very person of Christ as LORD and KING THAT CALLS US TO 'REPENT AND BELIEVE THE GOSPEL."Salvation has been watered down and diluted!! It is a painless transaction with no conviction of sin- a mere ticket to heaven instead of a transforming deliverance from the bondage of sin!Being saved-born again is a supernatural is awesome and powerful!We are recreated in Christ! The very life of God is imparted into our souls and we pass from death to life.We are translated into the kingdom of light! We are new creations created in righteoousness and true holiness.We are now in vital union with the LORD JESUS!! [2 COR.5:17-EPH 4:24-ROMANS 6:22-MATT1:21-JOHNI:29 ]The joy of our salvation is not 'fun,amusement and entertainment",it s all about a beautiful wonderful relationship with KING JESUS WHO IS LORD AND MASTER who died for our sins on the Cross.We now have a sweet,holy reverent relationship with our awesome God. Now thats real salvation-hating sin,loving the Savior and following Him and desiring to please Him everyday. STUDY THESE SCRIPTURES-Mark1:15-Mark 6:12-LUKE24:47-48-JOHN3:36-ACTS2:38-ACTS3:19-ACTS3:26-ACTS4:12-ACTS10:43-ACTS11:18-ACTS16:31-ACTS17:3O-ACTS20:21-ACTS26:18-ROMANS 10:9-13!!

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