Saturday, March 8, 2014

IT. IS. WORTH IT!-UCB Word 4U 2Day 08 Mar 2014



‘If I can just touch [Him], I will be healed.’ Mark 5:25
Mark’s gospel records the story of a Jewish woman who, for twelve solid years, had been suffering from what could be referred to as ‘lady problems’. Gross? Well, for this lady, it had much more of an impact on her life than just being gross. Try ‘absolutely wrecked’. She was totally broke, having spent all her money on (useless) medical bills. Her husband couldn’t go near her. Babies were totally off the cards. Everything she touched was considered ‘spiritually unclean’. The law meant that she couldn’t even go to worship God in the Temple. She was completely worn-out, and not even allowed to go to God’s house to be refreshed. At the end of her tether, she took the matter into her own hands. She went out into a crowd that was disgusted by (and probably afraid of) her, and she grabbed hold of God’s coat-tails. And it worked. Her earnest faith did something amazing – it drew power from Jesus to her, and she was healed. She was freed from all of the laws that made her life difficult. She could enter God’s temple, stand tall in her community again, not look in the mirror and see ‘unclean’. And all of this, because she just grabbed Jesus’ coat as he passed. What could you do, if He was stood in front of you now?… WHAT NOW? Set aside 20 mins today. First ask God to meet you. Second, read Mark 5:21- 34 a few times until you know it well. Close your eyes. Imagine you’re in the story. Who are you? What is Jesus like? What are the sights, sounds and smells? End by praying again, and ‘grab his coat’ with the troubles of your heart.

UCB Word 4U 2Day
08 Mar 2014


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