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Adam is a “figure” or TYPE of Him that was to come, namely Jesus Christ (Rom. 5:14). Adam is a type of Christ. In 1 Corinthians 15:45 Jesus Christ is called “Adam” (“the last Adam”) and Christ is also called “the second man” in contrast to the first man, Adam (1 Cor. 15:47). As we compare these two men there are both similarities and differences:


The first man Adam (1 Cor.15:45)


The last Adam (1 Cor.15:45)

“Was made a living soul” (1 Cor.15:45)
(Adam was given life-Gen. 2:7).

“Was made a quickening spirit” (1 Cor.15:45)
(Christ gives life-John 5:21,25; 6:33 etc.).

“Natural” (1 Cor.15:46)

“Spiritual” (1 Cor.15:46)

ORIGIN–”of the earth” (1 Cor.15:47)

ORIGIN–”from heaven” (1 Cor.15:47)

Men reflect Adam (Cor.15:49 and see Gen. 5:3).

Saved men can and shall reflect Christ

(1 Cor.15:49 and see Col. 3:10; Eph.4:24;

Rom.8:29; 2 Cor.3:18; 1 John 3:2; etc.).

“Dead in Adam” (1 Cor.15:22)

“Alive in Christ” (1 Cor.15:22)

Adam is the Head of the Old Creation.

Jesus Christ is the Head of the

New Creation (2 Cor.5:17; Eph.2:10).

Adam was a representative man (Romans 5), and he acted on behalf of the whole human race.

Christ was a representative man (Romans 5),

and He acted on behalf of the whole human race.

Adam performed one act which had tremendous consequences.

Christ performed one act which had even

greater consequences.

Adam’s act was a sinful act (Rom.5:12, 15,16,17,18).

Christ‘s act was a righteous act

(Rom.5:18–”the righteous act”–see NASB).

Adam’s act was an act of disobedience, in eating the forbidden fruit (Rom.5:19; and see Genesis 2:17; 3:6).

Christ’s act was an act of obedience,

in dying on the cross

(Romans 5:19 and see Phil.2:8).

Here is what Adam’s one act produced:

DEATH ( Rom.5:12,14,15)
JUDGMENT (Rom.5:16,18)
CONDEMNATION (Rom.5:16,18)

Here is what Christ’s one act produced:

LIFE (Rom.5:17,18,21)
THE FREE GIFT (Rom.5:15,16,17,18)
GRACE (Rom.5:15,17,20,21)
JUSTIFICATION (Rom.5:16,18,19)
RIGHTEOUSNESS (Rom.5:17,19,21)
REIGNING (Rom.5:17; compare verse.21)

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