Thursday, December 15, 2011

I THANKS GOD-Rhema Marvanne - 8 Yr old Gospel singer - Inspirational Videos

I Thank God - Rhema Marvanne - 8 Yr old Gospel singer - Inspirational Videos


  • remember guys and girls.. this little lamb lost her mom.. thank you lord for protecting and providing for all her needs in jesus mighty name amen.
    • Amen, what a beautiful voice ... such a blessing ... thank you for sharing Von.
  • I really thank God for the little Rhema. God bless her and keep her faithful throughout her life and bless everyone who hears her sing for the glory of God.
  • You have such a beautiful gift, thanks for sharing, God Bless you!
  • This little girls talent is not so much her voice as it is her faith. The kind of faith that does not depart when temptation enters the picture.
    Dear Lord, May Rhema retain and maintain her God-given faith throughout her life and not be swayed by all the modern excuses and non-beliefs. May she be unbelievably happy, as happy as her voice is beautiful. AMEN
  • I know that this girl is truly an angel of God. Thank you for sharing these songs of hope.
  • Rhema, Thank you for sharing your gift. I feel as if I know you; I've listened to you sing so many times. You're such a blessing. I can't listen to you without being lifted up. God bless you. My prayer is that you will be under God's protection and that you will continue to light up the world with your voice and testimony.
    I thank God for you and the ministry of singing He has given u.
    I thank God for you.
    Beautiful honey. Thanks for sharing
  • what a voice, keep it up my love.
    WOW - Listened to this little girls music and it brought me to tears. I thank God for you Rhema. You are beautiful young lady.
    An amazing little girl, so blessed.
    I thank you needed that too, Love you little Nice.

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