Thursday, December 15, 2011

HURT -Rhema Marvanne 8 yr old Gospel singer - Inspirational Videos

Hurt - Rhema Marvanne 8 yr old Gospel singer - Inspirational Videos


  • An inspiring and brave young girl. Thanks for this beautiful rendition. It portrays deep love and satisfaction in the Lord.
    • this is beatiful my moms momma is gone she should here this
    • Amen!
  • Only God could give this precious little girl the strength to write and sing this song so powerfully.
    thanks Amy makes u realize just how lucky I am 4 having my mom all these years. LOVE YOU MOM

  • This song is truly like a prayer and you minister the Lords love through your voice. Your talent brings comfort like the balm of Gilead to those who have suffered a great loss. Thank you!
  • See how God uses the small to do great things. Watch how He inspires those who morn. I see the beauty, I accept the pain cause in the Grand Plan it's only temporary... Little ones God always hears their prayers.
    God bless you, Rhe, and may He enlarge your territory!
  • Inspiring.............out of the mouth pf babes, the Scripture did fortell.
  • This girl has talent....Wow praise the Lord for her gift! WOW
  • Beautiful! This song was actually written by Christina Aguilera, Linda Perry and Mark Ronson for Aguilera's third studio album, Back to Basics (2006).
  • thank you for this touching and sincere song.
  • Such a talented little girl...........God bless her.
  • Beautiful!
  • Breathtaking! Truely a Godly child.

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