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What does the Bible say about music? How can the hymns still be relevant today? Why should we not dismiss the hymns by filing them in the “only useful in church” file? It discusses the distinctiveness of the grand old hymns. They are grand because they enlarge our view and understanding of God. They are not grand because they are old but, because they are time tested by the church and have proven to be of value for believers. In studying them, we will uncover all the theology that they teach us. Christian music is crucial because there is a power and influence of God in this music that can affect our thinking and motivate the way we live our lives both now and in the future and even help carry us into eternity. Remembering and rethinking some of the old hymns will increase our love for them. It will also increase our love for the magnificent God about whom they speak. There’s richness in these songs from which we can gain strength and insight as the Spirit speaks to our soul. A blessings awaits us when we study the hymns. We gain a deeper appreciation of these grand old songs. The old English word succor captures the essence of what we mean. It signifies that we received comfort, especially in time of difficultly. Think of a child that gains both physical and emotional comfort from its mother. We Christians likewise receive succor from the hymns. They give us help from God when we sing and meditate on the powerful messages revealed in these songs.

I believe the Bible, it taught me how to pray,

Jesus heard and answered, took my sins away;

Gave me peace and pardon, wrote my name above,

Glory hallelujah! for His wondrous love.

I believe the Bible, O it is divine!
Heaven’s golden sunlight in its pages shine;
Lights my way to glory, and I’m surely going thro’;
I believe the Bible, for ’tis ever true.

I believe the Bible, it teaches me to sing,
Moses’ song of vict’ry o’er the tyrant king;
Or with Paul and Silas, midnight brings release,
Glory hallelujah! for His perfect peace.

I believe the Bible, of holiness it speaks,
Gracious gift of Jesus to the one who seeks;
Tells of keeping power, ’neath the cleansing flood,
Glory hallelujah! for the precious blood.

I believe the Bible, it teaches me to run
In this royal highway till the prize is won;
Shows the crown awaiting, if I win the race,
Glory hallelujah! for His saving grace.

I believe the Bible, and then the world will see
We have been with Jesus more like Him to be;
With His Word abiding in our hearts made new,
That will prove the blessèd Book is always true.

-Words: Ed­win S. Uf­ford & Wen­ford G. Schur­man (verse 3), 1909.
Music: Edwin S. Uf­ford


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