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PASSION WEEK INFOGRAFIC-PASSION WEEK EVENTS CHART-Follow by day, and by hour, with the Bible verse references

PASSION WEEK EVENTS CHART – Follow by day, and by hour, with the Bible verse references

These are wonderful charts that you can print our, or save on your computer and follow the events of Passion Week. If you click on each of the 3 pictures, it will take you to the full size image. Josh Byers is a very resourceful and talented individual who comes up with all kinds of maps and charts based on Biblical passages. You can learn more and see more at

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March 1, 2013

This week’s infographic, The Passion Week, is a chronological timeline of the major events that happened during Jesus’ last week before he died and rose again.

Each event is cross-referenced with the gospel(s) it is found in. I have also included major location changes as well as the relative possible timing of the Last Supper, Trial and Crucifixion.

This graphic is not officially part of Project 66 – just a bonus.

As always the infographic is available for free in two formats though I’ve added a light version to the letter format this time.

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