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Bible books as a chemistry periodic table

You may be familiar with the chemistry periodic table, which lays out all the elements in relation to each other.

Tim Challies has placed all the books of the Bible in a similar layout, and given people the freedom to reuse or publish it in any way. Click on the image to view it in larger size, or download as 1Mb PDF file. The only condition: don’t sell it. For more details, and also download as desktop wallpapers, or with a white background to save printing ink, see Tim’s original post.

bible periodic table

Bible resources announce big improvements to their online Bible Study Environment. It is getting good reviews and offers daily Bible reading plans, dictionaries and commentaries plus the Net Bible translation. You can also read articles and theological journals. There’s a powerful search function to find topics, words, phrases within articles, journals and the Bible. Mobile phone apps are available.

And YouVersion offers essential user-friendly Bible downloads and reading plans for smartphones. They have a growing range of Bibles in many languages that install on the phone (therefore not needing a mobile signal to use them). They even install on web-equipped ‘feature phones’ as well as smartphones. (Why buy a smartphone?)

Chapters & Verses : Who Needs Them? -- at

Chapter and verse

It’s worth adding that the division of the Bible into chapters and verses has been a long and rather arbitrary process that can obscure as well as help. Read this history of the process.

Bible Study Magazine
has an
interesting look at the background, pluses and minuses of the illogical tabulation scheme we have inherited.

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