Thursday, October 13, 2011


What Is The Kundalini Spirit?

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KI, Prana, chi, spirit they are all the same thing! Kundalini is the metaphorical concept of your energy concentrated... in Taoism it is written that energy follows your attention. When you stop focusing your attention on everything exept this moment, without tring to change anything your kundalini arises. You are full of energy!

SHOCKING DOCUMENTARY 1- False spirits invade the church - KUNDALINI WARNING - Andrew Strom -Part 1

Shocking footage of one of the worst "invasions" of false spirits that the church has ever seen. Proof that she has been invaded by counterfeit spirits on a worldwide scale. This is Part One of a documentary tracing this massive invasion - and showing the terrible impact it has had. Please share it with your friends.

Leaders and movements involved:
prophetic, apostolic, todd bentley, lakeland revival, rick joyner, morningstar, toronto blessing, new mystics, john crowder, ihop, mike bickle, patricia king, false revival, the river, bob jones, john paul jackson, sid roth, chuck pierce, bill johnson, randy clark, peter wagner, dutch sheets, pentecostal, charismatic.

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