Wednesday, April 12, 2017

One week they screamed “Hosanna,” the next…”Crucify him.”

Christianity can be condensed into four words: Admit, Submit, Commit and Transmit. -Samuel Wilberforce

 One week they screamed “Hosanna,”

the next…”crucify him.”

On Palm Sunday they have us read the parts of the crowd from the pews and it’s always made us so uncomfortable to say, “Crucify him! Crucify him!” but then I realize- We are just like those people in the crowd. Just as flawed. Just as judgmental. Just as short in memory. It’s a good reminder of why we need our Savior.

It’s humbling, but true. And we need to be reminded from time to time or it’s easy for pride to set in. To think we wouldn’t have acted like THEY did.

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