Thursday, September 17, 2020

Bethel Church: Incorporating New Age Mysticism, Spirit Guides, Auras, An...

Christianity can be condensed into four words: Admit, Submit, Commit and Transmit. -Samuel Wilberforce

What's so shocking about the book from Bethel, Physics of Heaven? Hold on to your chairs, people!

We teamed up to make a pretty in depth video about the book 'Physics of Heaven' written by the leaders at Bethel Church in Redding California. It embodies the direction of the church. This book is incredibly damning to Bethel and their leaders.

**Let it be known that I myself, Melissa, do not hold to cessationist beliefs, nor do I think Charasmatic churches in general are in error. I absolutely completely believe in miracles and healings. Hallelujah! God is good all the time, and He's still good even when healing doesn't come. ­čÖĆ He heals. Constantly. He does miracles. Amen! But I'd challenge you to consider the extreme side of this belief, just as I'd challenge someone who has an extreme *opposite* belief.

Also, Lindsay and Zack *are* a couple ­čÖé

I do not even hold full on reformed views. I am not a calvinist. This video is about a **hyper-charasmatic** church teaching and blatantly promoting new age teachings. I think *anyone* in the body of Christ should be concerned about this. I actually have a LOT of love for these leaders at Bethel, and for the people that go there. I understand that this will be offensive to some people and there's no "right" way to make this video without people thinking we're 'bashing' or being judgmental. As an ex new ager, I hold strong disagreements with these authors, but I understand they're people too. I have tried to maintain integrity while pointing out the fatal Theological and spiritual errors in this book. And someone needs to stand up and say something about this.

This is NOT okay guys. **

Want proof that the New Age is not just kicking down the door at Bethel, or subtly sneaking in, but rather being welcomed with open arms and a red carpet?

Then look no further than this book.

The leaders of Bethel, including Bill Johnson, Cal Pierce, Beni Johnson, Ellyn Davis, Judy Franklin, Kris Valloton and many others contribute their thoughts on why new age practices such as spirit guides, communicating with angels, crystals, astral projection, (visiting glory realms), speaking things into existence, trances, power objects, and many many more actually belong to the church. They're encouraging others to be 'brave enough' to go outside the norm and embrace these concepts that the new age has supposedly 'stolen' all in the name of a Second Pentecost and Holy Revival.

With Lindsay's background at Bethel, mine in New Thought Christianity, and Zack's background in Word of Faith, we felt the need to express our concerns about this book. We put a lot into preparing for this video. We share our research, frustrations and commentary throughout the video.

This isn't a short video. It was almost three hours long before editing. We easily could have doubled that. This is something we're passionate about addressing and are extremely concerned with the direction that this very popular and growing church is taking. This is a loving but straightforward video about Physics of Heaven, and the direction the leaders are taking.

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